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November 22, 2012



Again, the cyclist is marginalized to the level of road-kill.

Bruce Hawkings

It appears as if the courts think that cyclist are expendable second class citizens, not worthy of getting worked up over! I wonder what would have happened if he had hit and killed a pedestrian or another car and killed the driver!


I am waiting with interest to see how the case will develop against the truck driver who is charged with knocking down young Lydia Herrle earlier this year. The driver is also charged with careless driving (and several other offences). If convicted, another $1,000 fine?

Peter Parker

I'm wonder if the result would have been different if it had been a head-on collision with another car, killing the other car's driver? If so, the only thing making this a cycling issue at all would be any shared responsibility of poor/lacking cyling infrastructure.


Wow, its a sad state of affairs when a cyclists life is only worth a thousand dollars & 10hrs community service- even high schoolers have to perform more. Accident or not, regardless how either family feels this is a slap in the face to every cyclist out there.


So, the driver faces the harsh penalty of a weeks pay loss for running over a pylon...ooops a cyclist. Certainly those two words are equivalent under the law. Father, husband, person, these are apparently not the words we want associated with cyclist. We might begin to value the life that is lost.

And this week we have another pylon killed on the road. A father, teacher, pillar of society, no these will not be the words used. It will be cyclist, another word for pylon, as again the driver will not be held accountable for the loss to society his carelessness has caused.

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