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July 11, 2013


Jane Vetero

My opinion, I guess Luisa D'Amato forgot about the accident last year where someone riding a bike on Lexington in Waterloo and went through the cross walk, was hit by a car. The police gave the ticket to the person riding the bike for riding there bike through the crosswalk?

Rob Mk.2

With respect, Bill, your colleague at The Record is full of it. Until I read her article I never knew that cyclists are a greater threat to public safety than the exurbanites using rural roads as their personal expressways. Let's see, 200 or so lbs at 25 km/h versus 5,000 at 130 km/h. Which does Ms D'Amato think is going to cause greater damage or does basic physics elude her as well?


I think the underlying problem is the fact, that if we apply logic and common sense, we will inevitably come to a conclusion, that an unprotected cyclist weighing in around 200 lbs DOES NOT MIX with motorized vehicles, weighing in on average about 4000 lbs and traveling about 4x the speed of the cyclist, while passing him only inches away, often distracted....Bill...From the safety standpoint...does that make ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER to you???? Would you let a single engine Cessna use the same flight path as an 747?...Think about it Bill...allowing bicycles on the road with cars is nothing short of insane!!!I cannot believe, that this is considered as "normal"....All it takes is a little nudge from the mirror of the passing vehicle and the cyclist can lose his/hers balance with catastrophic results, depending whether he/she falls head first on the curb (if lucky), or right in the path of another car or truck....I challenge you to give me just ONE logical reason, that isn't driven by an agenda or by an ideology of sorts, as to why do you think it is safe to mix bikes with cars or truck?...humour me please...


Motorists kill hundreds of people in Ontario every year and no one bats an eye. Thousands of lives are ruined every year from deaths and injuries from all the collisions. Pedestrians aren't safe, dozens are crushed to death by impatient and inattentive motorists. One is able to kill without penalty as long as it is done with an automobile. I hear calls that cyclists should be licensed but that doesn't seem to prevent motorists from killing and maiming each other.

One letter-writer suggests that cyclists have a duty to get off the road so farm equipment can pass... that's not in the HTA and motorists will casually pass tractors and buggies going on uphills without any regard for their own safety let alone those of us getting passed so the motorist can arrive at their next stop light 30 seconds earlier.

If it were at all possible to get a concealed carry permit in Ontario I would seriously do it. I think the outline of a handgun beneath a jersey might convince drivers that I take my own safety more seriously than most. I'd probably just end up shot from behind from some driver with a gun so who knows.

Even cyclists aren't immune to this sort of douche-baggery, I remember on the ride out to the memorial ride for Barry, my friend was in the left turn lane, signalling and the driver behind him got impatient, honked and got out of his car and proceeded to berate my friend telling him that he didn't have the right to be there... and the kicker was that he said "meet you at the ride eh" clearly one of those morons that drives his bicycle out to the country to ride. I was disgusted by the amount of people that drove out to that ride, especially all the expensive and capable bikes that were hanging on the back of those cars.


As refreshing as it was, cycling bloggers writing stuff that will be read primarily by other cyclists are preaching to the choir.

As you say, somebody in the mainstream print ot TV media should do that! Don't hold your breath, though.


Those suggesting bikes don't belong on either the road or sidewalk, never actually offer up any solutions.

With the untold Trillions spent on roads and highways for motorists over the decades, perhaps it's time to invest heavily into creating a proper (separated) bike lane network. ALL major roads separate bikes and cars. Residential streets, 30km/h max and they can be a shared space.


Sadly, the cyclist vs. motorist debate always seems to empathize with the minority elitists (cyclists) instead of the majority (motorists). Roads are built for motorists and subsidized by motorists.

If cyclists want to share the road they should be required to go to service Ontario annually-just like motorists and purchase a licence for their bike. That way, they can subsidize their own protected bike lane and contribute to our infrastructure. And,when they do get injured, funds aren't coming out of the pockets of already tax burdened motorist's wallets.

As long as cars and cyclists share the road, accidents will always result in more damage to the cyclist - this is fact.

Peter Parker

Luisa D'Amato's nonsense is not relegated to issues of public transportation. 99% of her columns are complete garbage.

Jane Vetero

Maybe we (The Cycling Communittee) should invite Luisa D'Amato to say a few words at The Ride for Angels on Saturday . Wonder what she would say with 500 pairs of eyes staring at her.

Bruce H


Following your logic of cars vs bicycles, perhaps we should ban cars from the road as what chance does a poor car have when it tangles with fully loaded 18 wheel transport truck, the transport truck will always win.


Bruce...Following your "logic" of cars vs 18 wheelers:

First off, the cars are capable of traveling at the same rate of speed as 18 wheelers, thus eliminating the biggest killer, which is the speed differencial.

Second...car has 4 wheels, so even if it gets a slight nudge from 18 wheeler behind it, the car's occupants are not likely to spill on the pavement and get run over...there are airbags, seat belts and a steel cage (we are still talking about vehicles traveling in the SAME direction, as this is where cyclists get hurt the most)

Third....your exaggerated attempt of pitting 18 wheeler against a car to prove some sort of a "point", which you do not have is a colossal fail....


Jorge repeats the myth that motorists alone pay for roads. In all of North America, roads are built and maintained using money from general tax revenues -- property taxes at the local level, and income taxes at higher levels of government.

Auto insurance pays auto claims and insurance company shareholders.

Auto license fees don't even cover the costs of administering the licensing system.

Public roads are built with general public monies collected in property and income taxes, and are intended for the movement of people and goods. That means pedestrians, cyclists, public transit, multiple-occupancy vehicles, and single-occupant cars and trucks (in that order).

Rob Mk.2

Jorge. For heaven's sake get an education before blathering about. Local roads are paid for out of local taxes with a leavening of money from senior levels of government and if you think gasoline taxes and licence fees pay the freight go take an accounting course. I pay enough in property and other forms of taxation to ride my bike any where I need to go in defiance of your opinion. When a cyclist can cruise at high speeds and cause the kind of damage that heavy vehicles can and do then we might have something to talk about.

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